Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ten Months

Dear Owen,

I cannot believe you are ten whole months old.  Double digits!  You change so much with each month that passes and month 10 was no exception.  You are starting to show that you understand some of the things that are happening around you, especially some words and phrases.  You clap your hands on command and when we say, "Are you hungry?" you make your grunting noises.  It's fun starting to communicate with you a little bit more.  You babble a lot and make sounds for your "ba-ba" (bottle? sometimes you mean water or food).  You say "mama" and "dada" a lot but I don't think you use them to identify us just yet.

Physically, you are cruising all over everything.  We have the living room pretty well organized to make moving from furniture piece to piece pretty easy for you.  Almost everything has a soft edge and you love to rotate around on the ottoman.  You even take your little activity table and push it around like a push walker.  You rarely stay seated for long and prefer to be up and moving.

We celebrated Valentine's Day with our playgroup buddies!  We had a great afternoon party at the park and the weather was sunny and perfect for you to play with your Mom's Club friends.

We also had a little bit of snow.  It wasn't too cold when it first started so we bundled up and you got to ride in your swing for a few minutes as it was falling.  It was so pretty and you and the doggies had fun outside.  It was my favorite kind of snow because it was fluffy and light and didn't hang around on the streets for long.

Mimzy came over and stayed with you and the doggies for a few days while Dad and I went to San Francisco.  He had a work trip that fell on his birthday so I got to go with him.  You behaved very well for your grandmother and I think she had a good time with you.  We got lots of good nap reports and other than Higgins eating two of your pacis, all the doggies and babies were good boys.   On the tail end of Mimzy's stay, you started cutting one of your eye-teeth or vampire teeth.  There are three more teeth on the top trying to break through.

You started some serious swimming lessons this month at Emler Swim School.  They are teaching you how to climb out of the pool on your own and be safe in the water.  You LOVE it.  You are the biggest kid in your class and also the youngest (not surprising).  You love to watch the other kids and parents and you do great with all the teachers.  It's so fun to watch you get even more confident in the water.

We went to your friend Kyle's 5th birthday party this month and it was at a really cool bowling alley.  They had this little alligator that helped hold the ball so you even got to bowl a little bit with Daddy.  It was so fun!  They were serving pizza at the party and I was going to split a piece with you until you grabbed it and ate the whole thing yourself.  You continue to be an excellent eater.

Each month with you, watching you learn and grow, has been even more fun than the last.  I'm so thankful that we ended up with you in our family.  I loved you so much when you were a tiny baby but watching you become a little boy is a blast.  Daddy and I spend so much time just laughing with you and having fun.  I hope you always stay so sweet and happy.


Stats and Milestones:

Height and Weight: we didn't measure this month since technically you would have been 10 months on the 30th and there is no 30th of Feb!
Diaper Size:  size 5 
Clothing Size: 18 month and some of those are getting tight, you have a few 24m and 2T things in rotation

First swimming lesson at Emler: 1/31
First bowling birthday party:  2/8
First Valentine's Day:  2/14 (you gave your Valentine to Mimzy)

You sleep from around 7-6:30 or 7 every night.  You only wake up at night when the teething is bad.  You drink 4 bottles a day for a total of 26 oz or less.  

You take two naps a day.  About 45 min-1 hour in the morning and about 1.5-2.5 hours in the afternoon.   

You are cruising around the house and crawling faster!  

Nicknames:  Owen Bear, Mr. Bear, Beary-Boo, Mr. O, Beary, Bud
Things you love:  food of all kinds but especially greek yogurt and Ritz crackers; your swing; being a "standin' up baby"; your activity table
Things you don't love:  your exersaucer; being put in the "pen", which is your packNplay so Mommy can cook dinner; being hungry or tired; waiting between bites of yogurt