Sunday, February 27, 2011

the waiting is the hardest part

I always think it's funny when blog authors that I read disappear for awhile or post much less frequently.  I've seen it done so many times now that I can almost always guess (and guess correctly) that they are pregnant in the first trimester when they aren't telling people.  When they come back to regular posting with the inevitable pregnancy announcement, they almost always say a version of the exact same thing:

"It was so hard to blog when I had this big secret that I couldn't talk about yet!"

I always thought that was kind of cheesy until now where I am in the same position myself in terms of having a big "secret" (but different, because I AM NOT WITH CHILD) but Adam and I do have several things in the works that aren't blog or Twitter material just yet.  I can't wait for the day that we can share our excitement with everyone we know but it's not quite here just yet.  I am also looking forward to blogging all the time about the literal and figurative journey that we are both about to embark on.  I'm hoping that Adam will also use some of his free time to share thoughts here because I am hoping to document all of the emotions that we experience along the way.

Most of you are reading this post well after I originally wrote it but I set up this blog around New Year's and wanted to start documenting our lives again.  I was starting to think it looks mighty sad to have a "blog" with no posts seeing as how we are almost upon the month of March, so here we are.  Obviously, it's been a learning process for me and that is exactly what I hope to get out of the rest of this blogging-again adventure.

I love Tom Petty and I love almost every song he's ever made.  Most of them speak to me, in some form or another, at various points in my life.  Right now, the song in my head is "The Waiting" and I hear Tom wailing the chorus over and over.  Unfortunately for this incredibly impatient person, I have a lot of other people to depend on before things can really shake down here.  However, we have big plans for the future and good things are happening all around us.

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