Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Busy Bees

From the looks of my Facebook feed, I'm not the only person who feels like time is flying by right now.  Several people were commenting on the CRAZY fact that it's now the month of May and it got me to pondering... how has this happened?  It's almost summer.  We have our 150 mile bike ride in 4 days (FOUR DAYS!).  It hit me this morning that at this time last year, I was just starting the process of so many life changes.  According to this here blogging record, May 1st last year was when my dad and Adam had a big talk about me needing to seek out some therapy and snap out of my winter funk/grief depression.  It blows my mind to remember just how unhappy I was at the time.  May was a big month for me in 2011, I started seeing my therapist and signed up for yoga school.  I started logging every yoga practice I went to and became the slave to my hours spreadsheet for the 200 hour certification.  Oh, the many hours I spent pouring over that spreadsheet and preparing my schedule!  

This year, I have a great job that I love, three regular yoga classes with students that inspire me and Higgins is the little ray of sunshine every time Adam and I walk in the door to our apartment, which we love.  We went to dinner on Sunday night and found our selves getting a little big retrospective about how good we have it right now.  We're challenged and happy in our work, love exploring Dallas and the surrounding areas and we're steadily making more friends and finding our place here.  We did our first bike rally last weekend (that was another benefit of working for Adam's company) in Muenster, which is about 86 miles north of Dallas.  Riding on the hilly country roads was beautiful, I only wish my pictures had saved.  I tried to remember to savor the views of the wildflowers when I was either slowly making my way up a hill or flying on the downhills.  It was incredible and to think, I used to be horrified of ever getting on a road bike!  After the 40 mile ride, we were also given admission passes and beer tickets to Muenster's Germanfest.  There hasn't been a single day that I've ever regretted this big move and all the changes that have come with it, but a few days stick out in my mind as reminding me just how lucky I am that it came together this way.  Walking around Germanfest, mingling with random townspeople and Adam's co-workers, I was just struck by how much it reminded me of my own childhood.  It wasn't quite the same as walking a few blocks to a local street festival in Chicago, but these little country fairs in the middle of nowhere are what I grew up with and I'm thankful that our kid will one day have the same types of experiences.  I'm already researching more rides like that one that end near fairgrounds and festivals, it was a great experience.  

I spent most of today booking our big trip for 2012, which will be a big jog down the East Coast from Boston to DC by way of New York City.  We're tacking this on to a wedding in Chicago so it will be 4 cities in 10 days and we'll get to see quite a few family and friends.  I'm thankful that my teaching has afforded us the opportunity to take great trips and make the most of our vacation time.  True to form, I spent hours researching the best possible deals and I'm stoked with what we ended up with.  

Life is good and I'm thankful to have had a few moments to stop and smell the roses lately.

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