Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Mighty Blackhawks

Seeing the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup last night for the second time in my lifetime really put things into perspective for me/us.  When they won in 2010, only three short years ago, we were living in Chicago.  Adam and I were still a few months away from getting married.  We had watched most of the games at bars with our friends and there were many, many playoff beers consumed.  We watched the last game on the second floor of a bar overlooking Wrigley Field with a big group of friends and as the Hawks won, we were part of the group that poured out onto Clark Street.  We finished the night at our favorite tavern and stayed out waaaay too late.  I remember it being 4 am and still hearing people partying in the streets as we went to bed.  The next day hangover was totally worth it.

This year, we went to dinner with a friend from out of town and came home to watch the game.  We put Owen to bed during the second intermission and Adam had to contain himself as not to wake the baby when the clinching goals were scored.  We texted with our friends in Chicago who were holding the tradition for us.  We live in a different city, have been married for almost three years of many big life changes, the most important being that we have a baby now.  Owen was born on the day that the first playoff game was played so it's even more fun and special that the Hawks won the Cup.

The thought occurred to me this morning as I was getting Owen dressed that it was so appropriate that we had a boy since we are both big sports fans.  I've always thought it but every so often I'll get an extra reminder that this baby was 100% meant for us and we were meant to be his parents.  He's worth all of the lost sleep, tears, hard work and sacrifices.  

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