Thursday, July 25, 2013

Good Place

We've reached this total sweet spot with Owen.  He's not yet mobile but he's totally interactive when he's awake.  I've grown to love just spending time with him.  On July 1st, I went back to the Y to do a test run of dropping Owen off at childcare so I could go to yoga class.  I started teaching the next day.  I don't know if it's that he's maturing or if being in the childcare environment a few hours a week, but he's less needy and more fun these days.  He can spend some time playing independently in his little activity gym or staring at his mobile in his crib where he is genuinely happy and I can do things like write this blog post or make dinner.  It's awesome.  And when I get down into his sightline and he sees me again and gives me a huge grin, it's the best thing!

I don't to forget all of his fun little habits from right now.  He smiles all the time at almost everyone!  My favorite is when I go in to get him in the morning.  He takes about 15 minutes to really wake up and I'll go in to his room and is little eyes pop open and he grins every single morning as though he is seeing me for the first time.  It's almost like he wasn't expecting me or something.  Mornings are my absolute favorite because he eats and snuggles and is in a jovial mood for a couple of hours.  Most of the time, unless Owen is hungry, he is happy.  He's happy to be held by whomever will hold him.  He enjoys being in the car or out and about as long as he's being consistently fed.  We had a couple of weeks of random inconsolable spells but haven't had one in awhile.

Bathtime!  OH the fun that is bathtime.  Owen adores his bath and takes the splashing and kicking VERY seriously.  We started out with every other night until we figured out that it really must be the highlight of this baby's day because he seems to love it so much.  He goes crazy splashing, kicking, smiling and trying to grab his washcloth to suck on it.  My dad and stepmom were talking about how all 5 kids between them really liked baths but none of us quite loved bathtime as much as Owen does.  We started around 6 weeks with a bedtime routine and it's always a nice way to close out our day.  We do a bath, one of us reads while the other one feeds and then Owen goes to bed.  Sometimes Mommy and Daddy get to sing a few songs if Owen is still awake but most nights he's conked out as soon as he's done eating.  We have a pretty cool book collection going and I know we'll be adding more books as he grows.

Month 1 and 2 were great, to be sure, but this month has brought parenthood to another level of fun.

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