Tuesday, August 5, 2014

12 Months

Dear Owen,

Twelve months!  One year!  It's amazing to think that one year ago we met you.  On the one hand, it seems like you've been here forever but on the other, it seems impossible that we've hit this year milestone.  More so than any other time, this is the place where I think I'd like to freeze time for a little while if I could.  While last month was so challenging in different ways, it is almost as though you were able to grasp all the things that frustrated you before.  You started to wave hello and good-bye to people when we are out and about.  You will hold your hands high when we ask "How big are you, Owen?" and we'll laugh and say "SOOOO BIG!".

We are considering "buh-buh" (bye-bye) to be your first word for all intents and purposes.  At the end of the month, you will occasionally say it when we get ready to leave and are saying our good-byes.  You still say lots of "ma-ma"s and "da-da"s but never really to us.  You will occasionally say "dau-dau" so maybe you are trying to say "doggie"?  Your ever expanding little vocabulary is very amusing.

You also walk when you want to.  And by walk, I really mean hurl your self from object to object (or person) taking a few independent steps.  You get especially motivated to do this when you're mad.  We're still waiting for you to figure it out and really take off.

Your birthday party was so fantastic that it deserves it's own separate post.  We had people in town all weekend and after they left, we got a last minute wild hair and decided to take you to Babe's Chicken House for a little family dinner.  Your dad and I had been earlier in the week and he happened to see a birthday celebration and thought we should do that with you.  You loved the food, especially the biscuits, and loved watching our young waitress.  She was happy to oblige us and they brought over the Babe's Chicken hat and sang to you over a biscuit with a candle.  When they first came over, you had a little shudder and your eyes got SUPER wide and for a fleeting moment we thought that you were going to scream and be miserable!  The worry was for nothing because you just sat there with your sippy cup and watched all the waitresses until they were done singing to you.  After the song was over, you promptly removed the chicken hat and threw it on the lit candle.  Luckily, Daddy moved fast and saved the hat from catching fire.

My favorite new thing has been your new obsession with your doggie brothers.  When you wake from a nap, I'll look at Higgins and ask him if he wants to go get the baby.  He immediately sprints toward your door and waits for me to open it so he can come in and find you in your crib.  When you wake up and see the dogs for the first time, you laugh and try to get their attention.  You are learning to play with them by giving them their toys for a little game of fetch.  You are still a little too rough at times (especially with poor Milo) but you are starting to learn that they aren't toys and we have to use gentle hands when playing with the dogs.

For your birthday, Gram and Papa gifted us a membership to the Arboretum.  Since the weather is getting warmer, I have a feeling we'll be spending lots of time there in the water.  We went once this month with Natalie and Jack.  You two boys had a great time splashing!

You got to go to your first Rangers game, which was also your very first sporting event ever!  Due to some snafus with the tickets, we ended up sitting in the seats instead of a suite but you had a great time and were on your best behavior.  Some teenage boys sitting next to us gave you a figurine of the Ballpark that they were handing out for the 20th anniversary.  You played with your buddies, Derrick and Nolan, and the three of you entertained all the people around us in our section.

We celebrated Easter and you got to participate in three Easter Egg Hunts.  I'm looking forward to next year because I think you'll understand how to do it a little bit better.  We celebrated two other first birthdays!  Your best friend, Neil, and your sort-of-cousin, Martina, both had awesome parties.  We played with all our playgroup pals at the Mom's Club Easter Party and Daddy got to come to that one too.  They had a little kiddos bounce house and a petting zoo.  You thoroughly enjoyed both.

Beyond just the dogs, there are so many things that you are just "getting" now!  While I sometimes feel small pangs of sadness that you are growing up so fast, each stage in your development has been better than the last and I am looking forward to you telling us what is on your mind.  This transition from baby to toddler is very cool from our perspective.  We had a VERY BIG and EXCITING April.  I think I feel this way after each of your monthly recaps, but this was definitely our best month ever.  You are such a special guy and we're so thankful to share our days with you.


12 month well check stats

height: 32 inches (90th percentile)
weight:  28 lbs 11 oz (90th)
head: over 90th percentile 

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