Wednesday, December 31, 2014

15 for '15: The Annual To Do List

1.  Continue to work on my weight and fitness.  Maintain to the point of still being able to fit into my current wardrobe.  Get a new FitBit watch!

2.  Only shop for quality wardrobe pieces that will hold up over time.  Go one month without shopping for myself.

3.  Host Owen's 2nd Birthday party and see if we can top his 1st!

4. Add at least one new tradition to our Christmas traditions list (currently we're at:  J&A cookie decorating, Highland Park lights and Chuy's night, downtown Neiman's Santa and tree lighting, Christmas Eve family service and tamale party).  I'm thinking I'd like to host or plan an ornament exchange, book exchange or cookie exchange?

5.  Figure out Owen's MDO situation for the fall and adjust my work schedule accordingly.  Stay balanced!

6.  Do at least one yoga workshop.

7.  Attend at least 2 classes that are not my own yoga classes per month.  Preferably with a friend!

8.  Ride in at least one organized bike ride.  (Germanfest?)

9.  Run a half marathon in under 2 hours.

10.  Volunteer for VBS.

11.  Run a 5K in under 26:30.

12.  Continue to write Owen's monthly update letters for 2014.

13.  Travel more! Plan our five year anniversary trip.

14.  Read 20 books.  Turn off my phone at 9:00 every night and read before bed.

15.  Find at least 3 additional target neighborhoods.  Start researching schools for Owen and step out of my comfort zone to look at private schools.

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  1. I'm in for any and all of the exchanges. Happy New Year!