Thursday, December 31, 2015

16 for '16

1. Be more present. I even got a bracelet to remind me of it.

2. Get another certification this year.

3. Read 35 books.

4. Not feel like I overate too much over the holidays when next year's NYE rolls around.

5. Do a yoga workshop.

6. Run two half marathons.

7. Expand my garden, especially tomatoes.

8. Leave the country, at least once.

9. Redo our guest room.

10. Help Owen learn the alphabet.

11. Do a no buy for the month of June.

12. Pay off the student loan and not have to finance anything for Adam's MBA.

13. Save some of my yoga money this year.

14. Start attacking the 4Runner payment.

15. Stay within the monthly budget every single month and use overage for travel.

16. Fully fund Christmas by October 31st.

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