Thursday, December 29, 2016

17 for '17

1. Learn to relinquish control over things and try to be less stressed about it. Wear my necklace and my mantra bands.

2. Do two yoga workshops.

3. Read 20 books.

4. Not feel like I overate too much over the holidays when next year's NYE rolls around.

5. Help Owen learn the alphabet and some basic math since he's obsessed with numbers.

6. Help Owen to learn to swim better.

7. Save money for our house projects, mainly the electrical ones.

8. Work on the outdoor landscaping.

9. Do a low buy in January and in July.

10. Go on a family trip at some point, even if it's just a staycation.

11. Save up for better season tickets for both the theatre and hockey.

12. Pay only in cash for Adam's MBA.

13. Make 1-2 extra mortgage payments.

14. Make 1-2 extra 4Runner payments.

15. Save more money for Christmas this year.

16. Do at least one class per month for myself (yoga or barre).

17. Be more generous with my time, money and friendship.

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