Tuesday, November 29, 2011

feeling thankful

Obviously, I'm about a week late for the obligatory blog post but we had a wild Thanksgiving week.  Adam's grandma passed away and we were scheduled to have company from Tuesday-Saturday.  I was still working and teaching one of my classes and our week was a little wild when he left for Illinois for the funeral and getting to and from on Thanksgiving weekend was an adventure for him for sure.  I still think I need to catch up on sleep from the whole thing.

We Turkey Trotted on Thanksgiving with my mom and cousin (and Mom walked Higgins).

As a real registrant, he got a bandana.  

The day dawned cold and super foggy.  Higg Man got to have his first DART ride.

Adam and I ran the 8 miler, which meant that we dodged the INSANE QUANTITIES OF PEOPLE that were not running for the first 2.5 miles and then enjoyed the heck out of the middle miles.  It ended up being super hilly since we ran over two bridges over the Trinity River that have some decent incline.  It was fun.  My goal was to finish in 1:15 but we ended up crossing the finish line about a minute later than that.  According to the Garmin it was about 8.2 miles.  RANT:  IT IS SUPER HARD TO MEET YOUR TIME GOALS WHEN THE RACE IS LONGER THAN ADVERTISED.  But still, we ran all sub-10:00 miles, which was a major feat considering the crowds.  I'll have to think long and hard about doing that one again because it was a little disorganized for my personal taste.

We had a great Thanksgiving meal with some extended family and friends.  I made some S'mores bars that I found on Pinterest that were so easy and delicious.  A new dessert tradition, to be sure.  I had a fabulous pedicure on Friday morning before work with my mom, cousin and uncle.  Mom and Uncle left after I went to work on Friday so I ended up having a great bonding weekend with my cousin.  I'm so thankful that we had that opportunity and that both of us are in a place in our lives to realize that the past isn't a bad thing, but more like what makes our current relationship special.  Without getting into too much detail, we had a lot of family drama growing up but it makes me enjoy her company lots more now.  We were leaving the Katy Trail Ice House together on Friday night when I felt someone grab my butt (which was a CRAZY thing, considering it's not like I know tons of people in Dallas yet).  I turned out to be one of my co-workers.

Speaking of said co-workers, my job is going awesome.  It was worth it to stay home for the holiday weekend to work because on Saturday night they asked me to stay after the season, which is awesome and exciting and gives me a great deal of relief for the rest of December.  Adam and I went to dinner to celebrate that last night and we were talking about how much we have to be thankful here.  We both have jobs we love, we adore sweet Higgins, we're so much happier in our new apartment with all of the space (we can even get a bigger tree for next year when they go on sale!) and we love Dallas life and the outdoor opportunities we have year-round here.  We're running faster than we ever thought ourselves capable of with our run group that is endless fun, I love teaching my yoga classes and he's plugging along with golf lessons, practice time at the driving range and man dates at the golf course.

Life is just good.  I have no desire to change anything about our current situation, well, I'd like to make it where Higgins had a little less separation anxiety but we're working on it.  My birthday is in less than a week and with it being such a "big" number in the figurative sense, I am feeling a little more reflective than usual.  Last December 4th, my grandmother passed away the day before I turned 29.  While it was expected and a relief in a sense that she was no longer suffering, it changed me as a person and made me someone that I didn't like for several months.  I was so angry, bitter, sad, frustrated and I took a lot of those negative emotions out on Adam.  The great Texas job search and condo mess made things even more stressful and difficult.  When I think back on where I was a year ago and even seven months ago, it's a night and day different situation from today.  I'm thankful for my family that they were bold enough to tell me I needed therapy and I'm happy that I went and that God was able to teach me through it.  I finally did what I'd been intending to do for about a year and did yoga teacher training over the summer, and while living a more yogic lifestyle is something that I still have lots to work on, I learned a little bit more about chilling out through that experience.  The people I met were worth all the time and money spent on the training alone.  It's funny that it took me until the last few months that we were in Chicago to really find my own community and my own place.  The transition here to Dallas has been as close to perfect as I could have dreamed it.  I have been teaching since our second week here- what a gift!  Finding other work was not as difficult as job hunting for me has been in the past.  I'm blessed to have jobs that I truly enjoy and co-workers that I want to be around.  Adam has found a place where he can be successful and grow and he found out last week just how much his co-workers here care about his well-being- they went above and beyond when Grandma passed.  We have much to be thankful for, too much for one day a year or one blog post.  

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