Thursday, November 17, 2011

a little of this, a little of that...

So I kind of met(ish) Owen Wilson the other night.  It was a quiet Monday night at the mall and he happened into our store and bought a few things.  SUPER nice guy.  When he was telling us about a branch of our company in Maui and using a bunch of fun Hawaiian words, I felt like I was in the scene in Zoolander when they are at Hansel's house and he's telling them about hiking and smoking peyote in various exotic locales.  We were all so geeked out about it, like a bunch of Mary Katherine Gallaghers with sweaty pits and red faces talking to him.  And after he left, we thought of about 20 funny things we could have said or done but I think we just kept it classy and hopefully didn't annoy him completely.  But really, such a nice guy and really cool when another guest was totally making a tool of himself by annoyingly trying to talk to him.  

We went for a speed run last night.  Adam was hoarding the Garmin, which I realized that I've become pretty dependent on lately.  I am always pushing my limits when it comes to pacing (especially during speed runs) so I really have no concept of my pace because I'm going as fast as my lungs and/or legs will let me.  I had really high hopes of doing 3 sub-9:00 miles but it was not to be.  I have to learn to slow down during the first mile to leave a little in the tank for the last two.  I think I have it in me, it's just going to take a little more work.  We've been stockpiling Best Buy gift cards for awhile so we ordered a Garmin for me when we got home for only about $70.  It's going to be lime green (YES!) and I'm hoping that it comes in before the Turkey Trot by a miracle of shipping.  If you want to be a better runner, the Garmin is a life changer.  

My back is progressing along nicely, which makes me want to say nanny-nanny-boo-boo to Adam.  I told him awhile back that my goal was to be healthy again by my birthday (Dec. 5th) and he told me that it's crazy to set goals like that.  I think not, good sir!  I do best when functioning on a deadline.  I will be better by the start of Year 30, thankyouverymuch, because there is no other option for me.  I'm doing so well in PT that I only have to go once a week now!  (thank goodness because PT is NOT cheap)

Speaking of the big 3-0, I'm leaving the plans completely up to Adam.  It's on a Monday and he's taking the day off.  The only thing I really want to do is go to the REI garage sale and try a new restaurant.  I'm feeling a little more anti-climatic about the whole thing, because for the most part, I'm pretty satisfied with life right now.  There isn't anything that I'd change for me or us right now, I'm doing exactly what I want and enjoying the heck out of being in Dallas.  My weekends are full but full in a good way.   

I started teaching a new class on Tuesday nights.  I have a LOT of work to do because it's with students that have never practiced yoga before and I am used to teaching people that know where to go when I cue them into Warrior II.  I'm thinking I'll just break down everything even further, I just hope that the people that came to the first class aren't completely scared away by yoga.  I'm definitely stepping out of my comfort zone but it will be worth it if I can introduce one person to something that I really love.  

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  1. LOVE this post! It made me laugh so hard about your Owen Wilson comments. You are too funny! Miss you!