Monday, April 8, 2013

It's Go Time!

You think you're ready but there is nothing quite like hearing the words come out of your doctor's mouth that as soon as he's ready, they won't be doing anything to stop labor.  No more worrying about having to go on bed rest, no more medications would be given.  When Owen decides to get in gear, it's time.

We're "ready" in that we have the car seat set up in the car (and inspected), our hospital bags are packed and his room is ready for all intents and purposes.  I've waited on buying some of the stuff that I know we'll need until after he comes just because we won't know until he's here how many newborn diapers we'll need and whether or not we'll need bottles or breast pump paraphernalia.

We set up his little stroller in the dining room on Friday and there it will remain until his arrival.  It's that one little detail that consistently trips me up.  I feel a little catch in my heart every time I walk by and see it.  This is happening.  And soon.  So for all the preparedness that we ARE feeling, there is an equal amount of "how will we ever be truly ready for this next adventure in our lives?"

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  1. He better be here by May 31, is all I'm saying. I want to meet him the next time I'm in Texas!