Friday, March 29, 2013


Tomorrow marks 35 weeks of pregnancy and the fun little 35/35 milestone.  (35 weeks down, only 35 days to go until due date!)  My appointments are always on Fridays so when I go next week, it will be considered my 36 week appointment.  I'm really excited to see my regular doctor again.  I think it's been something like 12 weeks since I've seen her because we rotated through all of the doctors in the practice.  I'm both equally excited and horrified about potentially having my first internal check.  Excited that we're really getting close and horrified about what the actual check really entails.  I refuse to read about it and I'm just crossing my fingers that the extremely irregular contractions that I've had have started to make a little progress.

Given that it will be April on Monday, I'm getting really excited!  I just have this feeling that we'll be welcoming him in the month of April and not going all the way until May 4th.  Physically, I feel ready! Despite my limitations, I still feel really strong and each time that I workout, I just imagine that I'm training for labor and delivery.  It's working really well for my mental status, it feels awesome to have a goal to "train" for.  I've been going to some more arm-focused classes at Pilates and I am loving that I'm still able to feel good both during and after class (although being totally honest, it runs through my mind at least once during the 50 minute sessions that just maybe this should be my last class- this feeling usually snaps when we change moves to something a little more comfortable in my body).

I went to prenatal yoga last night and it's getting CRAZY up in there.  When I started, I was only 25ish weeks and I remember thinking how awesome the ladies were that were 38/39 weeks.  Last night, there was one other lady that is 39 weeks and one that is 37 weeks and then ME.  I will be one of those ladies that the 20ish weekers will be looking at in just a couple of weeks.

Adam and I went for a little swim the other night and honestly, other than my shortness of breath, I was able to forget that I'm huge for the time we were in the water.  When I got on the ladder to climb out, I felt gravity kick back in and remembered that Oh Yeah... I'm 34 weeks pregnant.  In the last week every time I stand up, I feel like gravity is pulling him and my belly downward (YES!) and it's kind of amazing to think we're in the last legs of our journey together.

I'm so glad that we decided to share Owen's name.  It's made him seem like a person to me already.  So much so that, I've noticed that even in the car, I don't feel like I'm completely by myself.  I wonder if other pregnant ladies ever feel like that... but I just feel less alone, kind of?  It's an almost impossible sensation to describe but he's so active all the time in my belly that I always feel like I'm with someone even when I'm not.

I've said it a hundred times and will probably say it at least that many more but I am so excited for him to finally be here and to get to know him and his little personality.  The little face shot we got at our last ultrasound reminded me of my brother when he was a baby so I wonder who Owen will look like and what traits of ours that he'll take on.  I'm sure that mentally we'll never be fully ready for him but I think we're about as close as we can get at this point!

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