Sunday, June 12, 2011

yoga school

I survived my first week of the yoga teacher training program.  I'm a little bit overwhelmed!  It's a great deal more time than I originally thought it would take.  The average week will look like this for me:

Mon: 8.5 hours work, 1 hour yoga late night class
Tues: early a.m. yoga, 8.5 hours work, beach volleyball with the Aggie team
Wed: 7 hours work, 1 hour yoga class, 3 hour lecture
Thur: 8.5 hours work, late night yoga
Fri: 7 hours work, 1 hour yoga class, 2-3 hour group class, workshop or movie for training
Sat: 1-1.25 hour yoga class, 3 hours teaching clinic
Sun: 1-2 hours yoga class, 3 hours teaching clinic

Combined with work, it's super full time.  Luckily, because it's all interesting to me, the hours in lectures and classes fly by.  I am hoping and praying it stays that way for the next 8 weeks!!  Adam has been a huge help around the house, doing lots of grocery shopping and really fending for himself when it comes to dinners and helping making lunches.  I'm eating the vast majority of my meals away from the house right now so he made a big Costco run to get me a few things that I can throw in my lunch bag for dinners and snacks.

Most of the people in my class are young and either in college or very recent (as in today) college grads. It kind of makes me laugh because they don't take things in yoga school seriously at all and I am totally that old lady that actually does all the homework and required readings on time.  Mostly because I really want to get certified the day our program is over, I don't want to have hours to complete after our classes and lectures are over!  But I think a lot of them probably got their parents to pay for this instead of summer school so they seem to be more preoccupied with boys and drinking than actually getting the most they can out of the program.  It's funny, because I probably have one of the busiest schedules, time wise, out of everyone in the class, yet I am determined to learn as much as I can and do everything on time.  I want to be the best instructor that I can be, and I hope to start teaching as soon as possible when I get the training done and certified.

My most dreaded part of the program will be on Wednesday, the anatomy lecture.  EW.  I avoided anatomy in college and high school like the plague and now it has finally found a way to catch up with me.

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