Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ringing in the New Year

My New Years Eve started rather early as it was just one of those nights where I got up for a 2:30 a.m. bathroom break and could never get back to sleep.  I spent a big portion of the night watching a rerun of Meet the Press and Early Today on the couch.  Pregnancy insomnia is just one of those things and it strikes me at the strangest times, kind of like this continuous being sick, without any rhyme or reason.  But there are far worse things than watching TV at 4:00 a.m. and sometimes the couch is more comfortable, weirdly, for my stretching belly.  I severely underestimated the strange discomfort that would come from everything stretching to accommodate Owen.

I taught yoga in the morning and because Adam was off, he came to class with me.  I had a bigger group than normal because it was one of the only classes offered that day (my regulars are awesome and asked me to come in and teach) and we did several rounds of Sun Salutations to usher in the new year.  I love Sun Salutations because they are so basic and a great opportunity to focus on breathing and the relatively easy movements.  I went to work and ran some work errands for a few hours and came home to make up for lost sleep and take a serious nap.  My phone rang while I was eating lunch and because I didn't recognize the number, I let it ring until they left a voicemail.  When I started to listen to the message, it was the high risk doctor's office with our test results.  I was shocked that they came back so much quicker than she said they would, despite all the holidays the lab must have taken!  She said right away, to my relief, that all the chromosomal tests came back negative so we know that Owen doesn't have Trisomy 13, 18 or 21 (21 is Downs and 13/18 are usually fatal).  Luckily, the results came back exactly as the doctor thought they would.  Phew!  I'm glad I did the testing even though it might have turned out to be a big fat waste of money if our insurance doesn't cover it.  It almost makes it worth it just to be able to tell my regular OBGYN on Friday that we did the test and it came up negative so hopefully they won't offer us anything else to worry about.  I'm thankful that we have one less big obstacle to worry about so we can concentrate on the relatively minor issue with his kidneys.  I wish I knew that it was something that I could do, like eating more spinach or drinking more water that would fix it!  Either way, I just feel better prepared to handle what may come of it, whether the problem starts to correct itself or not.  I'm thankful that all of the extra monitoring shows him healthy in every other way so we just carry on business as usual.

We started a loaf of French bread in our new bread machine before I laid down to dominate a nap for 2+ hours.  The bread machine is going to turn out to be one of the best kitchen gadgets we own.  It makes bread from scratch that tastes like a bakery and it makes the house smell like happiness, which can be either a good or bad thing, depending on your hunger level.  We took the bread and some other delicious goodies to our friends' house to celebrate the new year in a perfect low key way.  We had some lively conversations about just about everything in the way that things just work when you share a lot in common with another couple.  I did miss having champagne because sparkling grape juice just isn't the same.  Lately, I've been missing beer for the first time since my sickness is slowly fading away.  But it's amazing to realize that Owen's due date is only 4 months and 3 days away.  It will be here before I know it!

I know that 2013 will bring us so many memories and happy times.  My mom moves here to Dallas this week, my dad is getting remarried to an awesome lady in March, Owen is due in May and my brother gets married to a close friend of mine in October, just after Adam and I celebrate our third anniversary.  There is very little chance that I won't celebrate my first Mother's Day this year and Adam will definitely be celebrating Father's Day!  Being an adult isn't so bad after all.  Given that we have 364 more days to work on it, it's a good possibility that the condo situation will be resolved in whatever way that ends up by the end of 2013.

Looking forward, I'm confident that we'll be able to end 2013 even better than the end of 2012.

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