Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What I'm going to do in 2013...

... oh, you know, in addition to birthing a child and figuring out how these little mini-humans work.  

I made one of these little to-do lists in lieu of resolutions in 2011 and I actually did almost everything on it so why not give it a go again.  My 2011 list included doing such lofty goals as "researching teacher training" which I ended up actually completing that year so apparently typing my wishes down in a concise Excel spreadsheet actually works for me, who knew?

1.  Read 20 "for me" books.  Which basically means books not on parenting and/or getting your baby to sleep.  Which seems like such a wimpy goal but I didn't read any in 2012.  Also in conjunction with this, putting my phone down more, writing more and taking more pictures.

2. Run a 5K in under 27:00.  This will be a late fall goal for me but I think it'll give me something inspiring to train for over the summer after Owen comes.

3. Get back to the weight I was when I took my positive pregnancy test.  Ironically, this was the lowest weight I've seen since high school.  Not ironically, I think it had something to do with basically giving up alcohol.  Dammit.

4. Paint Owen's room and get his nursery ready!  Started with a paint sample today so moving right along with this project.

5. Run a half marathon in under 2:10.  My previous best is 2:05 but I think I want to tackle the under 2 hours mark in 2014.  I'm trying to be realistic about life and my body post-baby.

6. Do my own 30 day yoga challenge.  I'm not even 100% sure that I went 30 days straight when I was in teacher training!  I did more than 1 class a day on several occasions so I know that I can physically do it but I want the mental challenge of getting myself to class every day for 30 days in a row.

7. Go to the Blathering in October.  It's high time and I'll be able to really enjoy it this year.  And it is a "kill two birds with one stone" situation as I've always wanted to visit Charleston and South Carolina is one of only 4 states I have left to go to.

8. Get spin certified.  Hopefully can knock this one out in late summer.  This one makes up for the fact that Owen is due during the week of our MS 150 ride this year.

9. Find a play group, for Owen but also for me.

10. Find a church and baptize the little man.  This one will be a mom-assisted goal, for sure.  But I grew up with strong church bonds and friends and I want that for Owen.

11. Go and see at least 6 movies in the theater.  Again, probably an easy goal for you but a REALLY tough one for me!

12. Stay on budget now that we'll be a one income + part-time yoga teacher family.  Time to get serious about not getting everything I want.

13. Work on my garden and plant a lime and/or lemon tree.

And there you have it.  I didn't plan for it to end up being 13 items but now that I've arranged it this way, it seems just perfect for this year.

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  1. Love these goals. I'm 3 days into 60 days of no booze. Sigh. Guess I shouldn't complain to you since you're staring at 9 months of no drinking.