Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Twas the Night before my Glucose Screening...

I'm insanely worried about getting gestational diabetes.  When I was still getting sick with frequency (TMI alert), I used to have cloudy pee all the time.  Which I don't know why, but I feel like I read that it has to do with extra protein in your urine?  I have no idea why I thought/think that but I've just read way too much during this pregnancy and for some reason in my mind the protein in the urine thing and pee cloudiness means that I'm going to have GD.  I'm probably an idiot but this stupid test has been causing me anxiety for awhile and I just want tomorrow morning to be over.

I've been eating as little carbs today as possible (and I had lots of fruit this morning so not even eating fruits tonight) which might be ok, except that I have not really been eating meat much during pregnancy.  So it leaves me basically bacon and vegetables.  Which means that tomorrow morning, I can basically eat bacon before the test (I hate eggs and I'm nervous to eat even spinach, the doctor said only protein).  I'm losing my MIND with angry hunger (or hanger, if you will).  Luckily, it's raining so Tuesday night Run Group is cancelled.  I'd have probably skipped it otherwise because I feel like the only fuel I have in my body is my buttcheeks and back fat.  I have no idea what to have for dinner (lucky Adam, he'll be home to face my hanger in a few minutes) and I am SO stressed that tonight will be a pregnancy insomnia night of hunger and sadness.  (Yes, I realize I am partially doing this to myself and that I'm an idiot but I don't want to have to do the 3 hour glucose tolerance test and I hear that these stupid glucose screenings give lots of false positives so I'm taking EVERY precaution.)

So there you have it, my two pregnancy fears of the moment are gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia (again, this comes from the cloudy urine, which I haven't had in a couple of weeks anyway, IDIOT!).  I made the mistake of **Downton spoiler alert** watching the latest Downton Abbey with my mom today (my first episode ever) so now pre-e and eclampsia are ALL UP in my mind.  Pregnancy is FREAKING AWESOME, yo.  Being neurotic is also awesome.

And speaking of neurosis, this has nothing to do with anything but I want to record it for posterity, Higgins has lost his damn mind.  My mom was living with us for three weeks until Friday and I think Higgins formed some sort of crazy attachment to her.  He's been all out of sorts since she moved to her own place.  Normally, our snuggle hating dog has no problem getting in his own bed at night (but he always ends up on ours by morning) but last night he wouldn't budge and when Adam picked him up to put him in the bed, he started shaking, which is new for bedtime.  Our dog is special needs and never stops freaking us out with his brand of crazy.

P.S.  We've also reached that fun part where when Owen kicks a good one, it shakes my belly, which is reaching epic Santa proportions.  It's good times!

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