Thursday, August 11, 2011

quick updates

One would think that now that I'm done with yoga school, that I'd have boundless time and energy to write on this here bloggity blog.  I taught the full hour class to my partner on Saturday and on Sunday we had our final exam (HOLY LONG- 12 or so pages of short answers/essays) and we did round robin teaching.  It was a truly amazing transformation to see just how much each of my classmates had grown as teachers and people over our 9 short weeks together.  It was a beautiful experience and despite the fact that 20 people taught the various sections of the class, I actually enjoyed my practice that day and felt in the moment instead of my usual distracted.  We had a graduation party and a mini-after party at a dive bar and the rest is history.

I'm so thankful that I did my training now but MAN, I am thankful it's over, too!

I've been feeling downright awful this week, my allergies this summer have been worse than I can ever remember.  I also haven't found the right combination of medication to make me feel semi-functional.  The saddest thing is that the weather is downright glorious right now but I have little to no interest in being outside, although we have shut off the A/C and have all the windows open.  I pinky promise, I will do my best to bring some cool breezes to Texas on Monday.

Speaking of that, my spare time has been filled with apartment research and getting everything organized for our trip to Big D on Monday.  We only have until Thursday to find a place and get everything completely set up.  My obsessive self has been printing out everything I can get my hands on (floorplans, printable brochures) and making a checklist of our must have and very much want items so we can make the most educated decision possible.  Dallas is HUGE and it's kind of overwhelming to realize the world is our oyster here.  The cost of living is so much lower that there are very few properties that are completely out of reach to us (mostly because they are luxury or in a trendy location).  I can't remember if I've mentioned it before but Adam is inheriting a car from his family and organized the shipping from Colorado Springs (where his brother has been using it) to Dallas.  Some great friends of ours are going to take delivery of it and grab us from the airport when we move down on Labor Day so we'll have at least one car.

We also started doing some preliminary research on dogs and an SUV for me, despite my warnings to Adam that I don't do well with finding something I like and not moving on it right away.  True to form, we found the BEST deal on a Hyundai Santa Fe with more of the add-ons than I'd even need and hardly any miles on it.  I slept on it one night and we decided we owe it to ourselves to at least inquire about it.  We haven't heard anything back but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if it's already gone.  Our dog search (which has been mostly Adam's so far, I cannot bear to read some of the stories without wanting that dog RIGHT NOW) hasn't been going quite as well.  Adam inquired about two dogs but neither of them are house trained.  I think that will be our issue if we don't get a dog from a shelter because most of the foster homes let the dogs run in and out of the backyard through dog doors and that won't be an option for us.  I assume we'll go to the shelter/pound situation that first week and see what we can find.  Knowing me as well as I do, there will be some little guy/gal that will speak to me and I won't be able to leave without it.

Adam is putting in his two weeks notice at work today.  He didn't intend for it to be so late in the game but all of his bosses have been on vacation at various points in the last month.  One of them is still out now but the big boss of his group returns today.  I know this has been a source of anxiety and worry for him so I'm glad he can finally move the roadblock out of the way and concentrate on wrapping up his time there.  Next week with our Dallas trip, we're each only working one day and then the following two weeks are only four day work weeks for me.  After today, I only have ten more days at work.  WOW!  I was hoping to do a bit of subbing for yoga classes but the time is clearly slipping away from me.

We'll know a great deal more details about how everything is going to flow for us in this move once we have an apartment and a for real move in date next week.  If we are able to move in on the day after Labor Day, the movers will be here the following Wednesday to take all of our stuff!  I can't believe that in less than a month, we'll be Texas residents again.

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