Tuesday, August 30, 2011

moving day

Yesterday the movers came.  I was stressed beyond belief.  We'd already done some of the stuff we needed to:  pulled the TV off the wall mount in the living room, packed what we thought we'd need for the two weeks we're in transient living status, cleaned out a lot of food in the cabinets/fridge/freezer, etc.  I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and started watching the news.  I think I nodded off around 6:00.  I was actually alone in our bed because Adam has had a pretty bad cough for a few days and he was on the couch hacking up a lung.  On Sunday we realized that the friends that were storing our recliner (that the second realtors made us get rid of) were still out of town so that involved some drama with getting the key to their place and a Zipcar truck to haul the chair home in.  OY.  Adam went and got the car and woke me up and we went to get the chair.  I was exhausted and nervous and feeling a general malaise.  We had a great weekend that I'll probably write about tomorrow and I wasn't happy that it was over.   And Dunkin Donuts drive through had 10,000 cars in line so we didn't stop for coffee, which did not make for a happy morning all around.

My view from our bedroom windowsill after our room had been emptied.  Sad.  But not that sad.  You can't fit a queen sized bed in there.  

I swept up dust bunnies and my hair all afternoon.  I shed like an animal.  It's a miracle that I'm not bald by now.  I also like having the windows open at every chance I get, which creates a dust bunny farm in our house on a regular basis.  Getting behind the furniture was an entirely new ballgame of dust and fuzz balls.  I probably swept each room 10 times and there are still flying bunnies around our house (and the windows are still open- win for Chicago August).

I wish I had taken a picture of what happened next, which was the mover strapping this chair (of the aforementioned recliner drama fame) onto his back and carrying it down the stairs.  It was amazing.  I also think we'll be saying goodbye to small khaki couch in Dallas.  It's going to look ridiculous in our new living room (small couch in a ginormous room, it's the opposite of fat guy in a little coat).

This was taken at about 4:30 as they were loading the last of the stuff from our storage unit that we rented when the condo first went on the market.  Good bye stuff.  And also, HOLY GARAGE SALE when we move.  Somehow we have accumulated too many things as a casualty of having our condo on the market for so long.  I'm sure we bought duplicates of things we had in storage.

This is in a box awaiting me when we get there.  I only buy the finest at Trader Joe's.  Amazing flavored (but not too sweet or unnatural) sparkling water, $3.99 bottled vinho verde wine, THE BEST SHAVE GEL ON THE PLANET and cheap peanut butter.  WORD.

The day was (as evidenced by my early wake up in panic) a very rough one for me.  I'm such a control freak and it really bothered me to have someone else packing up my stuff.  I am afraid it will be disorganized when we get there.  Also, I never got to have that cathartic, GET RID OF EVERYTHING packing phase in this move.  I'm going to go through everything in Dallas, which will be nice as I'll have a great deal more space to work with.  I'm serious about having a garage sale though because I felt like a hoarder with all our stuff filling that truck.  But I also felt like a total jerk as I watched other people pack our stuff.  I realize that's what they were hired to do but it was hard for me in a control freak way and an "I feel like a ridiculous pretty pretty princess right now" kind of way.

I also felt pulled in too many directions at various points in the day.  Sure, there were down times when I was able to sit and read or play on my phone but there were also times when both movers and the man from the separate crating company were all needing my attention to various matters.  It was just a lot to handle.  I never ate lunch for several reasons but mostly because I was never hungry enough to do anything about it.  I'm learning that stress either causes me to be ravenously hungry and overeat or sometimes in cases like yesterday's, I have the complete opposite reaction to either forget about or have an aversion to food.

We made up for the fact I skipped lunch by eating at the adorable Italian place where we had our first date.  The weather has been amazing over the past couple of days (although I hear we'll be sent on our merry little way with some more heat and humidity) and we sat outside.  It was crazy to think that we hadn't been back since that first date and all that has happened between us since then.  It was a great place to celebrate another new beginning since when we went there three years ago, we were also celebrating a new beginning, we just didn't know it at the time.

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