Sunday, March 20, 2011

Adam's Update

As Jen has mentioned we are done with all of out condo related projects and should be ready to hit the market next week. It feels so good to be done and be ready to sell this weekend. I'm happy with all of the changes, however most of them should have been done years ago. That's biggest lesson I think I have learned throughout this process is to not put off little home improvement projects. Most of them do not actually take that long, so suck it up and just get it done.

I'm just happy all of the work is done and now all we really need to do is maintain what we have done. To say it was a fun process to get everything done would be a complete lie. However, Jen and I learned a lot about being married and about our marriage specifically. As painful as this process was I think we have a stronger marriage for it. As many times as we wanted to kill each other we learned to talk things out a little better, and to slow down and take each problem / issue as they come. We learned that we work much better as a team, instead of 2 individuals. At least the weather is starting to turn here in Chicago and we'll get to start doing some of the things we love again outdoors.

As Jen already mentioned we are trying to get back to Texas. I am excited to get down there and start our new life, however I am going to miss Chicago very much. This city has been home for almost 12 years (off and on) now and I will be sad to see it go. It truly is my favorite city in the world. I will miss the early summer days that seem like a god sent and make winter seem like years ago. I will miss the lake front path, biking and running on the path, and chilling on the beach. I will miss all the great restaurants and bars that only exist in this city and all have wonderful outdoor patios we enjoy sitting at for hours on a nice day. I will miss walking to Cubs games and tailgating for Bears games. The thing I will miss the most though is all the friends we have here. We have such a great group of friends that we enjoy doing many activities with that I will miss them all dearly.

I'll finish with a little update on my therapy. I have been 3 times already and actually enjoy it and think it will help me. For whatever reason I am a HUGE people pleaser and have a problem asserting myself. I am slowing learning to do a better job to express my emotions and learning that I can't always please everyone and how to deal with it when people become upset with me. I think the entire process will help me grow as a person, and ultimately become not only a better person, but a stronger person.

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