Wednesday, March 9, 2011

lighter things: on hair

I have this urge to chop my hair off, which I kind of think comes from my lack of ability to control much of anything in my life currently.  Also, I've been growing it out for the better part of three years for the wedding, among several other things (see also: Chicago winters).

As seen here, it was very long (for me) on our wedding day.  Holy heat blanket!  A couple of weeks after the big day, I cut quite a few inches off and instead of a huge chop, I opted for bangs.

Totally craptastic idea.  They made my forehead sweaty all the time (despite the fact that I live in a cold-weather climate) and when they'd get wet from the sweat, they'd start to part on the side, where my part has been for years, as evidenced in the above photo (don't judge- this was after a 10 hour all night flight).  They also required way more maintenance than I like to spend on my hair every day.  When you hit the gym several times a week, it's hard to be one of those ladies that only washes her hair every few days.
I have reworked my growing out bangs into a side part, kind of side bangy thing that is decent, but not my personal favorite look.  I'll be more happy when they grow out into some semblance of layers.  I'd show you but I don't have any pictures of my face lately that don't prominently feature winter hats.

I used to chop, dye and highlight my hair with a much more reckless abandon, however, since it's been long for a couple of years now, I have totally become THAT GIRL who doesn't like to cut her hair.  I've always prided myself on not being so attached to it, after all, it always grows back and mine grows like a weed.  This time around, I am mostly just being lazy because I have a hair routine that is (kind of) working for me.  I say kind of because it looks like garbage but is easy to manage and at this point I'm willing to sacrifice looks for time.  I shower at night, dry it for about 5 minutes, which is about 1/6 of my normal drying/straightening time, and throw it into a bun.  In the morning, when I wake up (3:30 a.m.), all I do is throw it into a ponytail and it isn't usually too frizzy.  If I cut it, the bun aspect that saves it from being a total fuzzball won't work anymore.  Also, I'm in a wedding in June and I think it would be more fun to have long hair for the stylist to work with.  I'd love to try a fun updo!  Besides, we all know that the real reason I'm waffling so much is that haircuts are expensive and I'm in a money saving mode due to all the things that are going on around us right now.

I'll keep you posted but it looks like I'm going to have long, growing-outty-bangy-things ponytails for the near time being.  Bummer.

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  1. I also need a haircut, but I am in the refusal mode as well because of my major desire to pay of my credit cards! We can have hair venting sessions together if you would like:)