Thursday, April 21, 2011

catch up

We went to San Antonio for a wedding last weekend.  It was beautiful (both the wedding and the weather for our visit).

 mi madre
 Sara and Mere
Mr. Adam T

We ate almost every meal outside.  I had two breakfast dates at Ruthie's (home of what is currently my favorite bean and cheese taco in town, and seriously, I know because I am a connoisseur of such things).  I went on a fruitful shopping trip with the ladies for clothes that I can now wear to work.  

Speaking of such things, my new hours are going swimmingly with the (tiny) exception of getting there an hour late on the first day.  Trust me, after years of working for an airline, I am even more Type A ridiculous about being late to things.  I had the nervous tummy of a lifetime that hit as I was walking in the rain toward the El train station and saw a myriad of every emergency vehicle you could imagine.  I'm not sure since I haven't taken the time to watch the news since but apparently a train got stuck on the tracks.  At the time they were telling everyone it was a derailment though, so it was a way more dramatic scenario than necessary.  The Chicago Transit Authority doesn't have a very good emergency response plan.  There was no information other than the three busiest lines were all delayed and/or not running.  To make what is a long and rather stupid story short, I ended up getting completely soaked in the rain (also it was 36 degrees) and finally made it to work 1 hour and 50 minutes after I left home.  For reference, it should be a 30-35 minute process door to door.  To find out that they shut down the three main arteries toward downtown at the tail end of the morning rush for no real reason was kind of frustrating.   

Anyhoo, I'm currently nursing some sore hamstrings because Adam and I, along with our friend, Heather, ventured out into new fitness territory on Tuesday night.  We tried a TRX/Kettlebells class.  While Adam and I were familiar with the Kettlebells aspect from prior experience, the whole TRX suspension stuff was a complete departure from anything I've ever done before.  It's basically these straps and handles that are bolted to the wall and you use them in a bunch of different ways to hoist your body around.  There were at least three exercises that I just could not do because they were so hard.  Our instructor was stacked and even she would shake a little during the demos.  We loved it and signed up for next Tuesday already because the class caps at 8 people and it can be hard to get in.  I frequently shop fitness prices (and know from work experience what things cost) and the deal we get at our little studio is the best in town.  I will miss Spring Pilates when we leave this area, it's only 3 blocks from our house!  

out of all of these, the only one we did was the chest fly you see in the top left and let me tell you I was nowhere near that low.  obviously we have something serious to aspire to!

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