Sunday, April 24, 2011

it's that time of year again

The weather this weekend was fantastic.  The 10 day forecast doesn't have any numbers that are in the 30's, high or low.  We are moving full speed ahead to May which is ever closer to another fantastic Chicago summer.  The weather makes things awesome but my favorite part of this time of year is that people start coming to visit again!

One of my sorority sister's from college, Jennie, was here with her husband this weekend.  As Adam mentioned, we went to a Cubs game (our first of the year) and went to our out-of-town company standby, Tango Sur for steaks and vino.

My brother and Sara are coming later in May.  Again, the only plans we have are to go to Tango Sur since Sara has never been yet.  I'm interested in trying Rick Bayless' sandwich place downtown, Xoco.  Having company usually means for us having treat meals out and/or trying new places.

I love playing tourist where we live because it is an excellent reminder that we live with in walking distance and short train rides away from some very cool restaurants and places.

Weekends at the Nard Dog house book up quickly over the summer so make your plans to visit now!

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