Monday, October 3, 2011

everything hurts

I'm taking three days completely off of exercise, which for my life here in Dallas is pretty drastic.  I've been  on the move pretty much since we landed here but my problems that originated in my low back, caused issues with my glutes and have moved back to my low back aren't getting any better.  I got on my bike yesterday morning and it didn't feel good.  I rode to White Rock and pretty much rode right back home because I couldn't ever get comfortable.

I have these knots-like objects in my low back and they are KILLING me right now.  I can't even sit in a hard backed chair without feeling a bit of discomfort but I'm in a great deal of pain anytime I lift.  I've tried every remedy that I can think of on my own but the time has come for me to breakdown and visit the chiropractor.  I'm not looking forward to it because I'm angry at myself for "letting this happen" and I'm mad that my body won't heal itself.  And also, doctors of any kind make me marginally uncomfortable and I hate spending the money on it.  I hope they just prescribe me with needing lots of massages, ha!

So, Higgins and I are taking our rest days and going on a mini-vacation to San Antonio.  He's super excited to meed his Uncle Milo Dog.  I'm super interested to see how he deals with a four hour car ride.  No bikes, no running, no Bikram and I'll come back 10 pounds heavier from overindulgence on bean and cheese tacos :)

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  1. Sorry you are hurting! :0( Enjoy your rest time and your mini-vacay! San Antonio is great this time of year!