Thursday, October 13, 2011

the wedding that was, part 3

After riding up on the boat, we joined our cocktail hour about 30 minutes in.  If I'm totally honest, the next hour or so was really stressful for me!  We were pulled in about 100 directions during the cocktail hour trying to see as many people as we could.  When we finally went inside for dinner, I was so anxious about greeting everyone (I've been to too many weddings where I never saw the bride and groom) that I wasn't even hungry.  While the coordinator, caterer and DJ were coordinating the buffet (Mexican food, of course, this was a very San Antonio event, after all), Adam and I were served and I think I told him he had less than 10 minutes to eat.

Somehow, we made it to every table and I think and hope we saw everyone.  When I looked around and saw full plates in front of everyone, I started to relax again and enjoy the night.  When it was all over, our only complaint was that it went by too fast...

Adam's groomsmen gift was custom Chuck Taylors in colors that represent the guys sports teams.  In order L-R:  Bayern Munich, University of New Mexico, Virginia Tech, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, Green Bay Packers, LA Lakers.  (not pictured:  my dad, whose colors were green and blue because he supports no sports teams and was lame and had to go back to the hotel because he forgot his speech and to change shoes- he was a hot mess).

Cake cutting and there was no face smooshing at this wedding, just for your information.  Notice the original Lane Stadium (Virginia Tech) plan was scrapped post-Blackhawks Stanley Cup win.  Our friend, Brooke, made the epic 16 layers for Adam as our wedding gift.

After a particularly funny moment in a best man's toast...

Our first dance as husband and wife was spent mostly by Adam stepping on my dress, but lovely nonetheless, because we chose a funny song (Whatever It Is, by Zac Brown Band).

My dad and I relived our awesome moment on the football field with a fabulous rendition of My Girl.

Adam and his mom cried and danced to Josh Groban (which thankfully our DJ tastefully edited the six minute song, You Raise Me Up) and I don't think there were many dry eyes in the house.  I can't remember where I was during this because it was super awkward and I didn't know were I "should" have been.  From this photographic evidence, it appears I am talking to my brother.

Despite my dislike for it, "Shout" was my mom's #1 request and I had to acquiesce so the oldies would have something to dance to.

My brother and his girlfriend, who was also a bridesmaid and one of my besties from college.  He calls this his "cutting a rug" picture.

These are our two awesome friends that ended up marrying each other last June.  Good times.

This was the last dance of the night (Sweet Home Chicago- Blues Brothers Version) and we still had a packed dance floor.  We had the best guests on the planet and even my sweet Grandmother made it all the way to the end of the night, at a huge surprise to all of us.

We left in a blaze of glory and crushed up cascarones (confetti eggs, yet another San Antonio tradition).

Being the World Champion Wedding-ers that we were, we made it to Pat O'Brien's for a bit of the after party, although I'm still upset that we missed the drinking from the Stanley Cup that took place shortly after our departure.

We wouldn't have done it any other way.  It was perfect and it was so representative of our personalities.  Our wedding party was amazing (even with one at 8.5 months pregnant) and we had a blast dancing the night away with our rockin' families and closest friends.  The only thing that makes me sad about it is that we live so far away from so many of our guests (now and then) and we'll never have the opportunity to have them all in one room again, well, at least until our 10 year vow renewal.  Vegas, anyone?

*all photos, except for the last one, which was my own, are by the lovely Caitlin Hudnall of Caitlin's Creations Photography

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