Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the wedding that was, part 1

We (ahem, I suppose it's only me these days because Adam doesn't want to come here and tell our three readers (hi, Mom!) how happy he is to be in Texas) started writing in this space during a difficult time in our journey that brought us here to Dallas.  I am so happy I revisited blogger because it's been fun to already look back and see the wide range of emotions that we went through.  I can't imagine how funny it will be to read the early angst-y entries in 5 or 10 years.

When I stopped blogging before, it was mostly because I had pigeon-holed myself into writing about running and my charity walk, which I wanted to take a break from.  But also because I had no work life to speak of (as I would not have discussed the family that I nannied for online) and I spent most of the remainder of my time bouncing back and forth from Chicago to San Antonio to spend time with my ailing grandmother and do all of our wedding planning.  While I adored reading wedding blogs, I didn't want to blog the step-by-step particulars of our wedding beforehand.  I still have no regrets about that.  I have a fantastic album made by our wonderful photographer and 150+ guests to reminisce about it with.

But, as our first anniversary rapidly approaches, it seems appropriate to remember what was the best day of my life so far.  And if I'm quite honest, I'm not sure what could approach it, as I don't think the days of my potential children's births will be quite the same awesome party.  Please excuse the fact that I broke the posts up.  I realize that is one of the most annoying things a blogger could do but I want to do the day justice.

Part 1 is pre-wedding:

Adam and the guys got dressed in the fellowship hall of my childhood church.

Some poker may have happened, not sure how Presbyterians feel about gambling...

For us ladies, getting dressed was SLIGHTLY more of a project.  Getting my dress tight enough was a THING requiring many people.

I always thought the Bride's Room at church was so regal and I'm not sure I ever imagined that it would be me getting ready in it one day.  (Also, not sure that I was prepared for not being able to put on my own shoes and garter, HA!)

We did a "First Look", which took some convincing on my part because Adam wasn't originally on board.  In retrospect, it was 100% the best decision we made.  It made us both much more relaxed and we only needed about 10 family pictures after the ceremony.

It also afforded us time to walk across the street to take pictures in front of this doozy of a mural, that I've heard my photographer made famous by having a huge canvas print of this shot in her office.  I've seen it pop up with other couples on her blog.  It's very San Antonio, which was what we were going for.

With our entire wedding party, they were all great sports and we couldn't have asked for a better posse to stand with us and they were all the life of the party at the reception.

Next up:  ceremony and travel to the reception. 

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