Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the wedding that was, part 2

Texas weather can be notoriously crazy but we couldn't have asked for better on 10/16/10.  I want to say the high/low was something like 80/60, which was just perfect to not need a jacket, nor be sitting in a sweat pile.  It was worth the 14 month wait to get married in the fall.  

Our ceremony was VERY short, which was just fine with Adam and I.  An old family friend and former pastor at my church was our officiant and he basically let us choose the flow, the style, the readings, music, etc. and it was very much "us".  As on any wedding day, it wasn't without a couple of kinks (including a missing marriage license, whoops!) but nothing that we had to worry about.  It was perfect in my eyes.

Mini snafu:  My mother (bright blue) had trouble lighting her portion of the "unity candle" so my mother-in-law came back up to help her.  This is especially funny since I had asked my mom at the rehearsal to practice lighting it and she refused.  HMMM...  my dad and I were wondering what could possibly be taking so long!  

The look on her face is so TYPICAL Nancy.  And hilariously appropriate.  Better not to be able to light the candle rather than one of us faceplant.  Thanks for taking one for the team, Mom.

This is quite possibly one of the coolest pictures we got of the day.   The photographer's assistant shot it from the balcony.

Go time for Dad and me!  He managed to keep it together during our walk down the aisle.  I'm 99% sure I walked way too fast.  

AND we're married!  After what was probably a 10 minute ceremony.  You're welcome, guests.

From there, we traveled downtown and the wedding party got on a river barge to ride from our hotel to the reception site.  This was hands down the best thing we did and when the venue coordinator mentioned the possibility to my dad, it pretty much sold him on the place.  We even got to ride through the Arneson River Theater during a rather rowdy Tejano concert.  Ballers.

Cocktail hour, complete with mariachis, was being held on the 3rd floor balcony of the International Center on the San Antonio Riverwalk.  As we started to pull up, the announcement was made that we were coming via riverbarge.  It was awesome to see our guests lined up along the balcony.

The boat ride was perfect.  While I claimed all along that it wasn't a big deal if the weather foiled our plans, in retrospect, it was such an unforgettable part of our day.  Ironically, it was probably the cheapest part of the day! 

Next up:  Party Time (and the last in this fabulous little series, I promise)

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