Wednesday, October 19, 2011

photo dump

While uploading photos from my camera the other night during our post-things-on-Craigslist project (anyone need a TIVO? or super contemporary dining for two set?), I came across a bunch of photos from the recent past that I hadn't done anything with.  So without further adieu, a few photographic moments from the last couple of months:

This disaster scene is the only picture I ended up with from our going away party at the world-famous Higgins Tavern.

A craptastic photo I took on our first night as Dallas residents on the rooftop of The Bone in Deep Ellum.  We keep meaning to go back and we need to!

Higgins' big day getting rescued from the pound.

Can you tell he was a little skittish?

Or maybe just overjoyed at being relatively free.

This was about two seconds before I made the ill-fated decision to roll down my window.  (He totally jumped out and ran back toward the pound.  I guess the pound is better than a home where you get abused though.)

Addison Oktoberfest.  I had to ride the swings.  SO SO FUN!


Our neighborhood is filled with quite a bit of random art and sculptures.  There are several sets of giant (like 3 stories high) robots with these silver chicks.  Adam had a seat on one.

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