Friday, October 14, 2011

the state fair

Despite the fact that both of us are native Texans and spent more than half of our lives here in the great state, neither Adam nor I had ever made the trip to Big D for the annual State Fair.  Seeing as how the trip is only one DART stop away from our humble abode, we felt that a visit was pretty much mandatory.  Admission is RIDICULOUS ($16?) so we went on Wednesday night and were able to score our tickets for only $2 and a donation to the Kroger Can Drive.

Obviously, we visited Big Tex.  He talks in a rather creepy voice and told us really random things like having clean hands while eating is very important (to which I said that I couldn't believe he wasn't advertising for So-and-So anti-bacterial handwash placed in strategic locations around the fair, but no, it was just a really odd PSA).

Fletcher's Corny Dogs.  Duh.  Do people go to the State Fair and not get one?  Although, next year, I'll try the Jalapeno/Cheese one.  I just felt it was important to have the original experience this first time.

This "walking taco" was Adam's Favorite.  He's so lucky that I did my State Fair research and found out what the supposed best items were via the Dallas Observer blog.  This was Nacho Cheese Doritos (sadly, they were out of Flame flavor) with taco fixins piled all over them straight into the bag.  It was not walkable at all, rather messy in fact, but we both enjoyed it.  I'll have to remember that idea because Doritos would probably make a rather glorious base for nachos.  Sadly, the lettuce and tomatoes make this hands down the healthiest food we dined on during our visit.

Fried Oreos.  Adam was still feeling hungry as we were making our journey around the Cotton Bowl in a vain search for the award-winning Deep Fried Salsa.  We were choosing at this booth between Fried Snickers and Fried Oreos, so I told Adam to ask the lady working the booth what her pick would be.  She did not steer us wrong seeing as how there were four Oreos in an order.  DELICIOUS.

Still searching for Fried Salsa, we took an unpictured visit to the Wine Garden area and sampled the State Fair special wine and visited with a lovely man from Fall Creek Vineyards, where I have participated in a grape stomp (random childhood Jen fact).

The nightly parade came around right after we toured a few of the animal visits.  I LOVE PARADES.  Adam has never been to Fiesta in San Antonio and I'm determined to change this and do it up right come April.

We walked all over the entire fair with nary a Fried Salsa sighting.  I asked some people if they had seen it and they handed us a map that was probably more confusing than aimlessly wandering.  We went back to the general vicinity of where the map claimed the salsa was and had to ask at another booth.  Turns out Deep Fried Salsa hides at the "Taste of Cuba" booth.  ODD.  I was so happy to finally taste the goodness that I completely forgot to snap a picture.  Just know that it was in fact, a salsa ball made with tortilla chips and fried with queso for dipping.  I want to go back before the fair closes next week just to get more of it.

We searched for a funnel cake that was only 11 coupons (most were 12) and several of the booths had different pricing on various items.  We stumbled upon the Deep Fried Cookie Dough booth and Adam was sold.  In retrospect, this was a good thing, because I was able to pawn 2 out of the 3 dough balls off on him instead of dominating half of a funnel cake.

For the record, the Oreos were way better.

I want to go back, but Adam claims that his stomach can't handle another night of eating like that.  LAME!

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