Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the dps sucks

We spent four hours in the DPS office today getting new Texas driver's licenses.  You'd think that after all that we'd actually walk out with the new license (like in Illinois) but NO.  This is the one area that Texas does horribly and needs improvement.  The DPS is so stupid that they even have comment cards as you walk out the door.  You better believe I grabbed one and I can't wait to fill it out and mail it in.  Also, I am SO thankful that we won't have to go back for quite some time because they allow renewals online.  It was a long morning and I got more salty to Adam than I'd care to admit.  While we were waiting for his license, I took a little walk across the street to Lowe's to use our USPS moving coupon and got some organizational necessities and a couple of goodies that Adam will need for charcoal grilling (Reason #10,204 that we moved here.  Everyone knows charcoal tastes better).

We're also going back on our word because we went back to the pound to play with Higgins today and we can't leave him there again.  We got the documents from our apartment complex that we'll need and picked up the rest of the stuff we'll need for him for tomorrow.  The hotel is totally pet friendly so we'll go and get him tomorrow afternoon.  YAY!  I'm afraid to post pictures and jinx it but I'm sure I'll have a million from tomorrow.  We're going to celebrate like it's his second birthday and he might even get a special treat!

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