Tuesday, September 6, 2011

happy dallas!

We made it after the longest and most annoying flight ever.  There was a family of INSANITY sitting right behind us and it just reinforced my belief that every single human should be forced to purchase a seat on the aircraft.  It's an unpopular opinion, but it's a safety issue first and foremost, and it would also prevent some of these people that should NEVER have been allowed to procreate in the first place from affording to be able to fly.  My seat got headbutted more times than I care to remember.

But stepping off the plane in Dallas, into what has been the best weather here in months, makes the entire journey worth it.  It felt like coming home.  The crappy flight reinforces why we came here, so that we won't have to take our potential kiddos on flights all the time just to see their family.

We had a great dinner with friends in downtown Grapevine and headed to Dallas to check into our hotel.  They picked us up from the airport with the Civic we had shipped from Colorado that Adam bought from his brother.  It felt so odd to be driving around in our very own car together!  We drove around and I found what will probably be my grocery store for most of our staple items (Sunflower Famers Market or as I will call it Dallas' best kept secret).  We went to Deep Ellum (our new 'hood) and had a beer on a rooftop of a bar.  The bar is dog friendly and the bartender and his patrons were great.  They welcomed us to the neighborhood with a ton of to-go menus to their favorite places and restaurant recommendations.  That friendliness to strangers, right there, is why we moved to back home to Texas.

This morning we woke up with one task on our minds:  to buy car number two.  We've spent the past month or so researching it so we had narrowed it down to two dealerships and two potential car models. The preferred dealership was our first stop and they made the decision easy for us by only having one of the 2011 models (this is model year end clearance, after all) left.  Adam test drove it and we made the decision to buy in less than an hour.  We each had overactive imaginations about how awful the experience would be and that it would take all day.  We got to the dealership a little before 10 and it was just a little bit after noon that we drove away in the new car.  They did try to sell us on a bunch of stuff, but it wasn't high pressure or dramatic.

Then we took the Civic to Best Buy to have a Bluetooth put in it so when Adam has long drives to the coal plants, he'll be able to talk handsfree.  We also picked up the Dyson we ordered last week (YES!).

Conveniently, the Best Buy was one exit away from Dallas Animal Services, or the pound.  I've never seen anything like it.  There were SO many sad little pups and we found the one we had found on their website.  He came from an abused home and has been at the pound since May.  We were in a private room with him for awhile and he's so shy but after he realized we were just there to love on him a bit, he was fine with us.  I think it's going to take a bit of time and effort to kind of rehab him into a new lifestyle where he'll be a huge focus in our lives and we'd never hurt him.  We're naming him Higgins, not because it was our favorite bar in Chicago, but because it was basically our living room since we didn't have enough space in the condo to actually have people over.  We're going to go and visit with him every day this week to check up on him and hope we grow on him.  As hard as it is and will be to leave him each day, I think we both feel that giving him a fresh start in our new place is better than having him at the hotel in our tiny room that is already full of stuff.

We got the Civic state inspected, washed and detailed so that we can get it's permanent license plates tomorrow.  We finally had the expected happen and we were pulled over by the Dallas PD for not having plates, despite the fact that the temporary plate clearly says on it that you only have to have it in the vehicle at all times.  Luckily, we were on the way back to the hotel when that happened so we just left it here all night and drove the new car around.  I had the worst idea ever and we decided to drive the 10 miles to Costco in rush hour traffic to look for a dog bed that, of course, they didn't have.  We picked up a couple of things at Petsmart for Mr. Higgy before heading back to Deep Ellum to try out our bartender friend's pizza recommendation.  It was a great way to end our busy day by having a slice of thin crust and a Shiner Light.  It feels so good to be home and we haven't even settled into our place yet!

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