Monday, September 5, 2011

working on myself again

As this posts, we'll be in route to Dallas!

This move has been really hard on my body.  I still have a lingering low back thing that I frequently tweak.  As soon as we get settled in, I plan to get a massage and possibly visit a chiropractor to get it worked out.  I want to be able to practice yoga, run and bike without pain again.  I'm not sure how exactly that I tweaked it but it needs to get fixed.  Because of that, I've been working out a lot less.  However, when I say this has been hard on my body, I mostly mean my food intake.  It's been AWFUL lately.  We've had so many "last times" at places and so many different going away lunches, dinners, happy hours and nights out.  Not to mention that we haven't had a fully stocked fridge and kitchen since we switched realtors in July.  I can't remember the last time we made a proper meal at home together.  It's been fun but I am looking forward to having my kitchen set up and being more in control over my food intake.  We'll have five nights in a hotel in Dallas (and potentially more, depending on how the moving snafu situation works itself out) and then I'm ready to start our new beginning with fresh groceries and some meal plans.  I've been flagging tons of recipes in my google reader and for the first time since we put the condo on the market in March, I'll have my full kitchen arsenal to work with.

Having our stuff, being unpacked and working on getting settled cannot come soon enough!  My body is carrying around way too many extra pounds right now (again, why do I always do this to myself?) and I'm ready to start working on it in earnest.

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