Thursday, September 15, 2011

fruit feast: day 3

I made it roughly 72 hours into the fruit feast before it broke me.  If I ever attempt it again, I'll do several things differently.  I had two left over avocados from last week that finally ripened and I bought four more on Monday that never really ripened up.  You need lots of ripe avocados (the bigger the better) and bananas or other higher calorie fruits to survive this.  By yesterday afternoon, I was sick of feeling like crap in Bikram class and I was feeling a general malaise because I was waiting for news that I didn't get until later in the evening so I caved and had a half a bowl of Trader Joe's mac and cheese.  It was SO GOOD.  I ended up needing to go to another yoga class last night at the studio I'll be teaching at and I was sick of feeling like I couldn't make it through.  My other big mistake was that Adam and I had a very light dinner early on Sunday night before he left.  I think I would have been better served if I had loaded up a little bit more before starting the fast.  Either way, I made it from about 5:30 on Sunday until a little after 4:30 yesterday.

I never had the feelings of "lightness" that I've read in other people's accounts of the feast.  I mostly just felt moody.  I'm glad I did it because it was a good reminder that I should be building my meals around fruits and vegetables and working on my portion control.  Things get out of hand when you're eating at restaurants or hotel breakfasts for every meal.  It was a good way to reset my body and I definitely feel a little less bloated and puffy.  I weighed myself at the beginning but I don't know that I care to weigh myself today, I'm sure I dropped a couple of pounds but I imagine that it was mostly water weight.

Yesterday's eats:

7:00 a.m. - pear and plum

9:30 - Bikram class (again, felt like complete and total crap)

12:30 p.m. - avocado

4:30 - came home from running errands and was so moody and frustrated and couldn't imagine shoveling another fruit in my mouth, 1/2 bowl of mac and cheese

6:00 - yoga

7:45 - had a little more of the mac n cheese leftovers, maybe another 1/4 of the batch?  I ended up throwing some out, which for me was a big deal since I have been known to sit down and demolish a whole bowl.  I figured it was best to take it easy as I was coming off the fast

This morning:

8:00 a.m. - my usual coffee and chocolate milk combo and IT WAS SO GOOD

I'm not a huge fan of limiting or restricting myself in my diet because it never works.  Despite the way I felt, I was pleasantly surprised to see relatively little weight gain on the scale before this started so it leads  me to believe that I was making some semi-decent choices when we were eating out.  I could have done better but it's a start.  I have all my kitchen stuff back now so Adam and I should be able to eat at home or prepared at home (one of our goals is to eat at home for 19/21 meals a week, we'll see) more often. 

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