Wednesday, July 20, 2011

excessive heat warning

Just a little public service announcement for everyone who likes to give us a hard time about moving back home to Texas and how darn hot we're going to be...

For the rest of the week, our temps here in Chicago are almost as high as you're experiencing in Texas although, you have to remember the same lake breeze that brings us bone chilling winter wind drops off TONS of Houston-style humidity in the summer.  It was 43% in the A/C'ed yoga studio I was in on Monday afternoon.  We're under excessive heat warning and they do that here because so many places aren't air conditioned.  Imagine that, Texans!  Everywhere you go, it's probably a nice 68 inside.  Here, many places don't have that because we only need it for a couple of months a year.  They have to go around and do well checks on people that don't have air conditioning to make sure they aren't stuck in their apartments dying (mainly elderly).

Also, food for thought... here, I walk 5 blocks from our condo to the train.  These aren't little cute downtown blocks like back home, they are real city blocks.  I'm usually drenched with sweat and sucking on my Nalgene water bottle by the time I reach the platform.  Then I get on the train which is only sometimes air conditioned and if it's crowded, no amount of A/C matters anyway.  I get off downtown and walk six blocks to work (one of these blocks is the Sears Tower block just so you can get an idea of how long a block is here in Chicago).  I can almost guarantee that I won't be walking that far unless it's for an exercise based reason in Dallas.  I'll be getting into my car and turning up the air conditioning to my desired level and I won't be sharing my car with up to 100 other people.

So, for those who like to send us the weather forecast and ask us if we're sure, just look up the average temps in Chicago from December to May and remember that, yes!  WE ARE TOTALLY SURE about this.  Thanks!

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