Thursday, July 21, 2011

off the market

When I started posting here and intended to document our long journey home to Texas, I had no idea the condo would end up being such a debacle.  I knew it wouldn't be easy to sell but I also never imagined it would be this darn hard.  We worked hard to get it ready to sell; we have been diligent about keeping it clean and ready for the few showings and open houses we have had; we dropped our price twice to what is essentially a "short sale" price level.  None of it has worked so far, obviously, as I'm still sitting here and we've had no offers to date.

On Monday, Adam passed all the background and drug checks and was cleared for hire by his new company.  He had a call with our "relocation consultant" from the company hired by his new company yesterday (did you know there were such things as relocation companies and/or consultants?  yeah, me neither).  In order to receive the generous realtor benefits they are willing to provide, we would have to ask our realtor to release our listing and go with a new realtor.  Adam met with our realtor last night while I was in class* to do that.  So, I believe as of today, we are off the market.  I am not 100% sure where we go from here but I think we'll end up meeting with two potential realtors selected by the company here.  For some reason, everyone is still positive and upbeat about us selling the place and being able to move in September, despite the fact that it's only about 40 days away!  I am trying to remember all my yogic teachings and to remember that I can't control the pain I feel, but I surely can control the extra suffering I inflict on myself about this.  It's out of my hands and while it may be painful to deal with at times, I don't have to suffer for it.  It's only a condo and it will soon be gone from our lives, to be immortalized only here at Nard Dogs so we can remember how crazy a time this was!

*class... oh yes!  this is a little post-script to my heatwave post from yesterday.  I had class last night from 6:00-10:30 and let me preface some of this by saying that I am in HOT YOGA teacher training.  I frequently practice for 75 minutes in a room heated to 103-105F with 40% humidity.  I am used to sweating my face off on a fairly regular basis (i.e. 6-10 hours a week).  Last night we had a hot class before our lecture hours and I have never been so overheated in my life.  I had to take a moment in child's pose and I never have to do that because of the heat.  After class, our instructor told us that she had never turned on the heat in the room, it was all us and the heat from outside that made the class so warm.  After an uber quick short shower, we were back in the same (unheated, yet inferno-like) room from 7:30-10:30.  And all of this was after riding in the train from work that was so crowded, I have no idea if the AC was on because I was working up a fabulous butt sweat on my seat.  In summary, I was basically without air conditioning in 112 heat index with some sort of Houston-like humidity reading from 5:00 when I left work til about 10:45 after I walked home.  I think I'll be JUST FINE when we move.

(and yes, I am getting a little bitter about people thinking it's funny to discourage us because of the weather)

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