Wednesday, July 13, 2011

gut wrenching

I'm starting to feel that life is less about timing and the illusive "perfect timing" and more about taking opportunities when they cross my path.  It's not that I think I should just wait for things to happen to me, but I think I want to open my eyes to messages that I might have overlooked in the past.

For some backstory, I have been begging Adam to get a dog since we were dating for about a month (I think I had him convinced way back when but I was the one to back down since I was still flying the friendly skies and that would have been a lot to put on him).  (Also, I was 100% convinced we were eventually going to get married so breaking up and figuring out the dog situation never crossed my mind...anyhoo).  We've gone back and forth about this about 100 times over the past three years.  We've had different "deadlines" that have come and gone and one or the other of us has always been the so-called voice of reason in waiting to adopt a dog.  I should mention that we are totally sure we will find a rescue as we aren't particularly interested in starting with a puppy.  I also believe that there are way too many dogs out there looking for their forever homes to get a dog from a breeder.

Fast forwarding through all of that to yesterday...  as part of teacher training, we were assigned to do a Karma Yoga project and do some volunteer work in the community to give back.  Karma Yoga is a pretty big part of most training programs and lots of studios do projects with their members on a regular basis.  The one that our group leaders set up was at the local animal shelter.  On a totally random note, I realized that I am, in fact, quite allergic to cats.  I was in the cat rooms for about 2 minutes before the sneezing started and I didn't even touch any of them.  But OH! the baby kittens.  So cute, but I digress.  Our main job for the 2.5 hours we were there was to just socialize with the animals.  This is a seriously posh and awesome animal shelter, y'all.  It's totally cage free and the animals live in this immaculately clean rooms waiting for someone to take them home.  It was a blast!  My partner and I spent the first two hours having the time of our lives with the dogs mainly since she has a bit of a cat allergy too.  I saw quite a few cuties that I wouldn't have minded taking home but they all had various "things" about them that wouldn't make for a good fit, like needing to stay with the dog from their previous family, etc.

The last dog we made our way around to was new to the shelter.  They claimed he was a chihuahua but I think he had to be at least part terrier.  He was exactly the same size/weight as my dad's rat terrier and had the same body structure as Milo, except for being white with black, he was all "blond" with a tiny little white patch at his third eye center (this is a total yoga thing, the space between your eyebrows, also one of your chakras and the seat of your enlightenment).  Y'all, he was such a doll.  We were instructed at the beginning to not sit down with the dogs and let them climb into our laps because that encourages "alpha dog" behavior.  As soon as we went in the room, he was the only dog to not flip out and try to rush us at the door.  This little guy just laid in his bed, almost skittish to see us.  My partner and I walked over and started very, very gingerly reaching toward him and giving him little pets.  We both sat down near his little bed (oops, oh well) and slowly he opened up to us.  We stayed with him for probably 25 minutes and he melted our hearts.  I was almost crying when we left.  This dog was my ideal dog!  He was so relaxed and mellow but once he trusted us, he was affectionate and loving.  He just needed some time to feel us out.  I got his profile sheet and did the required research on his background.  No problems!  He was judged to be a "constant companion" dog in their personality research on him, which is what Adam and I would need, a relaxed dog that doesn't need tons of exercise and just wants to love on us.  As we were walking out and I was about to find the volunteer lead to talk about him, we saw the sign.  He's being considered for adoption by another family.

This brings me to so many mixed emotions!  I would have walked out with him last night if they didn't have strict pet counseling policies that would involve Adam first meeting the little guy (they are so smart over there).  I do hope that the family picks him up today and that they love him with all their hearts.  He is so special.  When we were leaving all of the other girls from my program were around when I was asking the front desk girl about him.  Apparently 90% of the time that someone initiates an adoption, they do come back and pick up the animal when they say they were going to.  These people said they would come around 6:00 tonight.  I asked if I could call at 7:00 after we get out of our group yoga practice because that is when their adoption hours are over for the day and they would kind of forfeit their claim to him.  She said that I could of course call and ask after him.  All of the girls were saying we should use our intentions in tonight's practice that he still be waiting there for me.  It was so funny.

I came home so excited to tell Adam all about it and he didn't have the reaction I was hoping for.  Going back to what I first mentioned about timing, well, obviously the timing for this would be crazy stupid.  But when is there going to be good timing?  We agreed we'd get a dog right after we buy our cars in Dallas, however, we'll be insanely busy then too!  It's never going to be easy to go and get a dog and try to incorporate it into our lives.  Just like having kids, is there ever a good/easy time?  After MANY tears (mine) and a little heart opening (his), we agreed that I can call and ask about him tonight at 7:00.   I know the chances are slim that he'll still be there and I do hope that he is adopted by a loving family.  I just believe that if he isn't, that this might be our message from God to take a leap of faith.  I can't describe the way he worked his little way into my heart last night.  I'll keep you posted but I think we should go ahead and have our fingers crossed that the original people come for him today and that they love him as much as I already do.

And yeah, I don't plan to volunteer at the animal shelter on a regular basis.  I have NO IDEA how people do it day after day.  It was completely and utterly gut wrenching.

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