Saturday, July 2, 2011

for all intents and purposes

I used to blog when I was marathon training, but eventually that was over and I didn't feel like I had as much focus in what I was writing about and stopped.  When I started putting words down here, it was as much about keeping my mom informed about what was and is going on with Adam and I, as it was intended to be a journal of sorts to document what I knew was going to be an exciting and partially frustrating time.  When I started "The Nard Dogs", I thought we were a week away from Adam accepting a job offer.  I had no idea that it would evolve into this outlet for healing for both of us.

We went to this amazing local brewpub last night and while we were sipping on some of the finest local beers Chicago has to offer, we were reflecting a little bit on our journey to get to this point.  It's funny how in the middle of a rough patch, we (well, at least I sure as heck do) constantly throw our hands toward the heavens and question God's motivation.  It's human nature and the ego to do so but I wish, just once, I'd learn to stop and enjoy the toughness knowing it's only going to make me a stronger person.

Right before we got married, this job search for a new life in Texas got started.  I made a bet with Adam for 30 brunches (brunch bets are kind of our "thing") that it would take him more than a year to find a job.  Obviously, I hoped I'd be wrong.  So if you do the math, he's been searching for about nine months now.  It's been mentally tough on both of us at various points over that time.  It's not easy to hear that your husband was in 2nd place for something he thought might be his dream job with a great company.  It's probably even harder for him to come home and tell me that he didn't get an offer.  He's taken two trips to the DFW area for interviews, which I know can't be easy on the mind or physical body.  Having the stress of the condo on the market hasn't done us any favors either.  

Getting past the drama that got us here, as of July 1st, this blog can finally be used as it's original intention.  Adam, pending background checks, will be working in downtown Dallas starting sometime in mid-September.  Obviously, we still have a condo in Chicago to unload, but the relocation package is going to help us immensely with the decisions we have to make there.  Our realtor is completely on board and we've amped up the aggressive marketing.  We'll get to choose our living situation when we move and we've never had a chance to go through that process together.  I am hoping we'll have room for my patio furniture that languishes in our basement storage locker now.  So many of the things that we've put on hold and sacrificed for this project can now start to happen.  YOU GUYS- we can get a DOG when we move (something I have been begging to get for three years now).  It's going to be a complete and total lifestyle change but I think it's one that we're ready for and excited about.  

Like I said, we were doing a fair amount of celebrating and reflecting last night.  We were at the brewery because it was one of the 20 or so items that are on our "Chicago Bucket List".  It's a place that is so uniquely Chicago and it's conveniently located in my old neighborhood.  I realized that three years ago yesterday was the day that my roommate and I drove up around 8:00 a.m. from driving (in separate cars, y'all) all night in from D.C.  It was July 1st that moved in to our Logan Square apartment for our new beginning.  I had no idea that it would only take me a couple of months to meet Adam and have my world completely flipped upside down.  I never imagined that I would eventually end up celebrating another new July 1st beginning with my husband, a beginning that will take our lives full circle and back to the place we were both born.   

P.S.  I'm going to be making a lot of bacon waffle brunches for Adam to work off my 30 brunch bet!
P.P.S.  If you know us in real life, this is definitely not going to be "Facebook Official" for quite some time so please don't write anything incriminating on our walls.  Thanks! 

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